Hi, I'm Kayla...

I have always been drawn to nature and adventure. Growing up in the beautiful Canadian Rockies in the small town of Canmore, AB, I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by mountains, forests and alpine lakes almost my entire life.

I feel most at home alone in the woods. While I was born in a land of living skies, I was raised tucked at the bottom of a rocky mountain valley. As a result, I feel the most grounded with mountains by my sides.

Amidst a childhood filled with creative and adventurous pastimes like competitive dance, rock climbing and backcountry skiing, I had started to experiment with acrylic paints by 2008 to fulfill a desire to create something with my hands.

Immediately after graduating high school I attended the University of Alberta, where I completed my BSc Biology with Specialization in Ecology.

Yes. I am a nature nerd.



What inspires me?

Well, A LOT! But to name a few sources...

...Adventuring with my loved ones,

Protecting wild spaces and creatures,

Celebrating this beautiful and precious planet,

Sharing the essence of Adventure and encouraging others to responsibly GET OUTSIDE!