Hi, I'm Kayla...

If you can’t find me in the studio, you can find me in the woods. Growing up in the beautiful Canadian Rockies in the small town of Canmore, AB, I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by mountains, forests and alpine lakes almost my entire life. This familiar landscape grounds me and is a constant source of inspiration.

As an individual, I thrive in the simplicity of travelling through a natural landscape. I am easily overcome by the raw beauty of the mountains, and am compelled on nearly a daily basis to express my interpretation of this beauty in the form of painting.

Painting is a huge part of my identity. I can equate it to a life-long love affair that began when I was a teenager. Having become familiar with painting techniques through experimentation alone, I am always learning, and always eager to push my ability and my imagination to the next level.

I may not have had any formal art training, but since I love learning, I completed a BSc Biology with Specialization in Ecology…

Yes, I am a nature nerd.



What inspires me?

Well, A LOT! But to name a few sources...

...Adventuring with loved ones,

Protecting wild spaces and creatures,

Celebrating our beautiful and precious planet,

Sharing the essence of Adventure and

encouraging others to responsibly GET OUTSIDE!